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C-002 Bachelor Master
Family Counselling, Individual Counselling, CBT - Anxiety, Depression & Anger etc…
Languages: Burma
Experience of the Expertise Field:
When anxiety becomes excessive, it often affects daily activities and will suffer from panic disorder symptoms of fear such as rapid heart rate, fast breathing, difficulty in breathing and excessive sweating leading to feeling weak and dizzy. In the family, daily mental problems such as confusion, self-loathing and being easy to get angry will occur as well as experiencing discomfort in social relationships. If you are experiencing these kinds of feelings, the practitioner can help you cope with your emotions.
The most important thing is to overcome stress paranoia and to pursue emotional ease.. Rather than suffering from emotional difficulties alone, you need someone who will listen to your difficulties and ease them. The practitioner can help you by discussing behavior therapy and coping skills to get a healthy mind.
Education Experience (or) Volunteer Experience:
She received a doctorate degree in psychology MRes (Psychology), M.A (Psychology), He received B.A (Hons.) from Yangon University in 2011. In addition, she has completed a Diploma in Social Work. During the 17 years of working experience in this career, she participated as a coach in Youth Mental Support Campaigns as well as a volunteer for Mental Support Counseling during the COVID 19 period. She is currently studying Special Needs Children.
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Online Counseling Individual Session

3 Sessions (Once a week within 6 weeks)

1. Explore Session
2. Goal Setting Session
3. Follow Up


Online Counseling Individual Session

6 Sessions (Once a week within 6 weeks)

1. Explore Session
2. Goal Setting Session
3. Follow Up Session
4. Intervention Session
5. Continuous Session
6. Warp Up Session