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C-015 Bachelor
Stress Management, Anxiety & Depression, Relationships, Loss & Grief, Anger, Adolescents, Communication, Self-Esteem and Setting Boundaries.
Languages: English & Burmese
Experience of the Expertise Field:
She not only works with adults, but also with teenagers and young adults. She is an experienced person who has provided counselling for children. The practitioner can help with Depression worries, Family and relationship topics\such as loss of loved ones called Grief & Loss.
She believes that everyone should have a safe place to deal with life's difficulties. Therefore, both as a counsellor and a teacher, she listens and responds carefully when conducting discussions and comforting clients so that they can safely talk about themselves and how the events they encountered affected them.She is also constantly trying to gain more insight into how to lead people to try living their daily lives more meaningfully.
Education Experience (or) Volunteer Experience:
She majored in psychology at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia, and is currently active in mental health support organisations in Myanmar. During her studies, she worked as a Senior Mentor at Trinity College, University of Melbourne, helping to address the struggles that junior international students may experience.
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Online Counseling Individual Session

3 Sessions (Once a week within 6 weeks)

1. Explore Session
2. Goal Setting Session
3. Follow Up


Online Counseling Individual Session

6 Sessions (Once a week within 6 weeks)

1. Explore Session
2. Goal Setting Session
3. Follow Up Session
4. Intervention Session
5. Continuous Session
6. Warp Up Session