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45,000 MMK

C-024 Diploma
Stress Management, Relationship & Family Problems, Loss & Grief, Dilemma, Trauma, (Anxiety & Depression, Psychosis and Mood Disorders)
Languages: Burmese, English and Kachin (Jinghpaw)
Experience of the Expertise Field:
He has more than two year experience in Mental Health Counseling regarding mental health and also participated as a Trauma Counselor in Healing Burma.He values the equality of all human beings and condemns human discrimination.Moreover, he acts as a speaker for mental health related talks and also writes educational articles related to mental health. He strongly believes in equality and equity and supports human rights regardless of one’s race, nationality, gender, sexual preference, belief, educational level, etc. He has a strong passion for mental health and shows great patience with clients
After counselling with him, you will learn to look at your problems from a different perspective. Problem-solving skills will increase, I will know how to live my life happily and meaningfully. The practitioner uses a client-centred approach, so there is no need to worry for those who have never done counselling. In addition, methods such as Groundings, Breathing Exercises, and Mindfulness will be used as needed.
Education Experience (or) Volunteer Experience:
He received his medical degree from Mandalay-Medical University and he is a WHO mhGAP Medical Training Doctor. He also attended the Global Mental Health (E-learning Program, University of Washington).
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Online Counseling Individual Session

3 Sessions (Once a week within 6 weeks)

1. Explore Session
2. Goal Setting Session
3. Follow Up


Online Counseling Individual Session

6 Sessions (Once a week within 6 weeks)

1. Explore Session
2. Goal Setting Session
3. Follow Up Session
4. Intervention Session
5. Continuous Session
6. Warp Up Session